Primo W Add On

A smart transition to digital imaging in a blink
Full wireless Digital Imaging system composed of cassette sized wireless flat panel and mobile acquisition station

Key features

Thanks to its X-ray detection function “Autotrigger” PRIMO W can be used with any existing X-ray source

Perfect for upgrading any existing analogue system

Suitable also for in-house radiology, ambulatory or civil defence structures

High comfort and mobility for operators. Less than 5 kg of total weight for detector and console
(less than 3 kg for 24x30 cm version)

Detector built-in memory prevents any image loss if any issue occurs during image transmission

Cost effective and fast workflow thanks to elimination of CR cassettes and films

Extended autonomy of interchangeable batteries for 24 hours shift work

DICOM 3.0 compatible. The acquired images can be sent to PACS or exported via USB in different formats

Cassette sized wireless flat panel available in 2 formats, 35x43 cm and 24x30 cm (ISO 4090)