New Systems

New X Ray systems from the prestigious american brand TXR, with some of the following options:


  • Conventional or High Frequency.
  • Power Range Available: 32Kw, 40Kw, 50Kw, 64Kw, 80Kw.
  • Line Input: Single Phase or Triple Phase for 208, 240, 380, 480 VAC.
  • High Tension Range: 40kV to 125kV: 1kV Steps.        (150 kV optional)
  • mA Range: 10mA hasta 800mA en función de la potencia.
  • Exposure Time Range: 0.001s to 10s.
  • mAs Range: 0,1mAs to 500mAs. (640mAs optional).

X Ray Tube:

  • Thermal Capacity: 140.000 HU – 300.000 HU
  • Focal Spot: 0.6 – 2.0mm (Varies according the model)
  • Max mA: 600 mA
  • Max kV: 125 kV (150 kV Optional)
  • Anode: Tungsten, Rotatory.

Control Console:

  • Analogic or Digital.
  • APR: Anatomic Programing Region.
  • ALC: Automatic Line Compensation.
  • X Ray Tube Load Protection Circuit.
  • Automatic Calibration. (Digital Configuration Only)
  • Self Diagnostic with Error Log. (Digital configuration Only).
  • Table Mounting. (Digital Configuration Only). (Stand as Option).
  • High Speed Anode Starter (Optional).

X Ray Tube Stand:

  • Telescopic o 3D.
  • Floor to Ceiling
  • Floor
  • Electromagnetic Brakes
  • Movements: Horizontal, Vertical, Transversal and Rotation. (Angular as Option).

Patient Table:

  • Fixed
  • Floating: 4 or 6 movements
  • Electromagnetic Brakes
  • Fixed Bucky or Motorized Bucky

Wall Chest Stand:

  • Chest or Full Spine.
  • Electromagnetic Brakes.
  • Fixed Bucky. (Motorized as Option).

Remanufactured X Ray Systems

Offering remanufactured solutions in X Ray from the most connoted brands.
Our units are brought directly from U.S.A, totally tested, totally remanufactured and installed with all  the Warranty and Technical Support you need to protect your investment.
We have, among others, the following brands for your consideration:

  • TXR